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Empowering your Employees to Collaborate with SugarCRM [Video]

Posted by Marion Tourrette on Wed, Mar 14, 2012

By empowering your social employees to collaborate with SugarCRM, you reduce training costs associated with attrition, and promote and capture communal knowledge which you use to ultimately better serve your customer.

In this video, Erin Fetsko, SugarCRM Technical Product Evangelist will show how to leverage employee collaboration to achieve your business goals with SugarCRM. Read the video transcript.




Video Transcript

Social media has become quite a buzz word in the past few years, and has raised many questions regarding its “proper” place in business. Regardless of which camp you currently belong to, I think you can agree that collaboration and the data visibility it promotes surely belongs in any business that intends to succeed. So today we will discuss how SugarCRM can help you achieve your business goals by empowering your employees to collaborate.

Empowerment begins by creating an environment that encourages desirable behaviour. It’s as simple as that. You, like many companies, likely struggle with attrition, training, and generally poor teamwork. By simply putting practices, structure, and a little software into place that plays into, instead of against, the behavior social media has instilled in today’s culture you will soon see the damages of these challenges fade away. This demonstration will focus on how Sugar:

  • Promotes innovation by encouraging social communities to emerge
  • Places people, your most valuable asset, at the core of your business
  • and finally preserves and makes available tribal or institutional knowledge

Each SugarCRM user interfaces with the application through an environment tailored specifically to streamline their day to day responsibilities. But at the same time, Sugar provides the visibility they need to better understand their community and their customer.

As you can see right from an agents dashboard they can access reports, work queues, favorite records, and most impactfully monitor and participate in corporate discussions.Through this collaboration fueled understanding your team will adapt and do business more effectively.

CRM helps you create consistency in your practice, but SugarCRM goes further. Sugar allows you to learn from more than just your personal experiences. By monitoring the discussions and activities of their colleagues your agents also learn from the collective experience of the entire team.

A culture of collaboration built around the SugarCRM Platform removes the barriers to innovation. The plethora of knowledge and experience available in your organization but often excluded can now weigh in in real time. For example

I see that Kristin asked a question that I know the answer to. Sugar permits me to help and participate in this new social paradigm in a natural way.

This simple mechanism also minimizes the negative effects of interruption. Many companies site the time and productivity lost while trying to locate answers to simple questions as an unfortunate waste of money. These effects compound over time and if the wrong person leaves your organization suddenly, can really cost you dearly. Fortunately these troubles are entirely preventable by empowering staff to collaborate and capturing that information in Sugar.

While dashboards provide a bird’s eye view Sugar’s other modules capture a more detailed understanding of your customer. Let’s review an example contact...

When was the last time a customer emailed a plea for help and it slipped through the cracks? Or maybe you can recall a time when someone asked you for help, but the thought of sifting through 8 or 10 emails just to get an handle on the issue extinguished your motivation and caused you to give up? And let’s not forget the inherent value loss that happens when you force two colleagues to “play telephone” instead of just working together. These inefficiencies negatively impact your customer’s experience and cost you money.

Now ask yourself how would the situation be different if you centralized all this information? What if everyone knew in Sugar they’d find notes, could launch web meetings, and even learn something? What if you could capture institutional knowledge and prevent the loss of customer emails all in one system? As you can see here Sugar creates a single point of reference that profiles your customer, captures the words of contributors exactly, and fosters effective collaboration.

With one click anyone can quickly come up to speed on the customer’s history. This visibility greatly improves the efficacy of your agents and makes for a positive customer experience.
When users feel empowered to share ideas and collaborate, when they actually experience value from the software, they engage more productively and this significantly drives up adoption.

But not all collaboration happens directly in the CRM, and that’s okay, because for your less structured collaboration needs, SugarCRM unites best in class CRM with today’s top document management and web conferencing tools to allow you to design a collaboration suite that works the way you want your team to work. As you can see here right within the context of the CRM your agents have access to their meetings and documents. Sugar removes the need to train your agents on several application by becoming the single point of collaboration in your organization.

Let’s end with a real world example of how Sugar reduces your risk by capturing information because, companies like you, taking the first steps toward empowering their employees to collaborate, want specifics they can act on.

Pretend Matteo is your top support rep and works remotely, and Ethan is brand new and located at corporate HQ. Ethan’s not quite self sufficient, but has been working on a couple cases with the guidance of his mentor Emily. This has been going quite well, but Emily just called in sick and one of Ethan’s customer’s entered an urgent case. Under normal circumstances this customer may not receive tip top support, but because Ethan uses Sugar he has access to the all of the case history for this account.

Ethan notices that Matteo has worked closely with this customer in the past, and acts on this information asking him for help right from within the case.

Matteo sees the request pop up on his dashboard, steps in, responds to the customer, and resolves the issue quickly. Good for the customer? Yes!

But better for Ethan, because later he reviews Matteo’s response which furthered his training. Because of Sugar Ethan now handles similar cases independently with ease.

Today we’ve uncovered the value of empowering your social employees, and discussed how making small changes that permit your team to collaborate effectively will help your grow your business by increasing efficiency, preserving institutional knowledge, and improving your customer’s overall experience.

Ready for more?
See for yourself how you can grown your business by choosing to empower your employees to collaborate with SugarCRM and start your trial for SugarCRM today.

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