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10 Signs Your Business is Ready for CRM

Posted by Marion Tourrette on Wed, May 23, 2012

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is often thought of as a technology, but it’s better understood as a discipline enabled by technology. The object of CRM is to help organisations build, strengthen and maintain customer and stakeholder relationships

CRM, as a software, helps organisations better engage with prospect and customers - all in one place. By collecting all this data in a single location, business owners, salespeople, marketers and customer service professionals can use it to help with sales, marketing, service and customer loyalty.

So how do you determine it’s probably time for a CRM solution? Often, the CRM wake-up call for most organisations is usually something negative, that costs time and money:

  1. You don't have visibility in your sales pipeline. You can’t differentiate between a cold lead and one that’s ready to buy.
  2. Contact data is collected over and over. Details common to every order are asked for every time.
  3. Your sales staff is missing out on sales time because they spend hours updating spreadsheets, preparing for the next day’s activities manually, or creating reports for sales managers manually. 
  4. Your marketers can’t easily assemble lists of prospects to market against.
  5. You are unable to associate which lead generation activities are resulting in sales. 
  6. A call to a potential customer reveals that she’s already decided to go with someone else - and your lead dates back to before she was even looking for someone to buy from.
  7. Service treats every problem as a brand-new one because they lack a history of the customers’ past service calls.
  8. Your top-performing sales person leaves for the competition and takes with him all the contact data for his customers, leaving you in the dark.
  9. While service is trying to help a frustrated customer solve a long-term issue, your sales team tries to upsell him, making him so furious he dumps you.
  10. You’re discovering either lost revenue because of poor data management or lost opportunities because your sales staff is being prevented from selling by administrative tasks.

The common denominator is having data in the right place, the right format and at the right time to be of use to your business and, ultimately, to help build the customer relationship.

Are you familiar with those symptoms that cost time and money? The time may have come for you to look into a CRM solution, and we're here to help

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