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3 Top Things You Can Do with Marketing Automation

Posted by Marion Tourrette on Thu, Jun 21, 2012

While producing more leads certainly meets a key performance indicator of many marketing managers, it may not necessarily be as valuable as producing more qualified leads. Fortunately, there is a solution: marketing automation.

By aggregating all prospect interaction data into one system, your organisation will gain significant marketing and sales efficiencies, effectively increasing your sales pipelines without having to increase spending on lead generation.

Here are 3 top things you can do with marketing automation: 

1. Lead Scoring to Optimise your Sales Reps’ Time

Automatically scoring leads based on their activity on your website provides hard, objective data in an otherwise subjective sales process. At a glance, your sales reps can look at their list of leads, quickly prioritise them based on score, and follow up with those that are most likely to become opportunities.

You can also ensure that your prospects that do not pass a certain scoring threshold are put onto a lead nurturing campaign before being assigned to sales reps. Once these leads begin to respond to your nurturing efforts, and their scores increase, they can be automatically assigned to sales reps for follow up.

lead grading pardot


2. Lead Nurturing to Turn your Leads from Lukewarm to Red Hot

It is often said that 80% of leads passed on to sales never have a meaningful conversation with a rep. Sales reps often attempt to make contact several times but ultimately put the lead aside if they are unable get in touch or the prospect is not immediately ready to buy.

Although the lead may eventually show interest by visiting the website again or clicking on links in an email, if there is no way for the sales rep to be notified, the prospect that is “raising her hand” goes unnoticed.

Marketing automation solutions allow you to place your non-sales ready prospects into lead nurturing campaigns. All links and calls to action in your marketing emails are tracked individually to prospects, and your sales reps will be notified as soon as a lead responds.

By automating the lead nurturing process you will:

  • Further qualify your leads until they are sales-ready
  • Free up sales or marketing personnel who formerly did this task manually. 
  • Ensure that your marketing efforts periodically “touch” them via automated, timed, one-to-one messages.
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3. Automation Rules to Streamline your Sales and Marketing Processes

Marketing automation makes it possible to control formerly disparate marketing and sales channels from one central interface and gain tremendous efficiencies and marketing intelligence throughout a complex sales cycle. 

Marketing automation alleviates some of the stress of prospect nurturing or lead routing by doing it automatically:

  • Set up lead routing rules based on geography, score thresholds, or other parameters,
  • Automatically assign prospects to the appropriate sales reps,
  • Automatically add prospects to lead nurturing programs based on their actions, 
  • Notify sales reps of events.
lead management pardot automation rules


Learn how to maximize your investment in lead generation and automate lead scoring and nurturing in 4 steps:

  • Score leads based on implicit buying signals
  • Grade prospects based on how well they fit your ideal customer profile
  • Set up autoresponder emails and drip marketing programs
  • Automatically alert your reps when leads are sales-ready

Automate Lead  Scoring & Nurturing

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