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How to Manage and Grow Your Customers with CRM [Video]

Posted by Marion Tourrette on Tue, Jul 10, 2012

It costs far less to keep a customer than it does to acquire one, and as a result many companies seeking growth find tapping into their existing customer base to be an effective strategy.

However, companies sometimes lack tools and insights necessary to focus attention on clients with the most potential.

To get visibility into current customer buying habits, maintain frequent and relevant communications and uncover up sell and cross-sell opportunities, you need to have a CRM system in place.

In this video, Erin Fetsko, Technical Product Evangelist, SugarCRM will show you how to manage and grow your customer base using SugarCRM. Click here to read the video script



Video Transcript

They say everyone’s in sales, yet I can’t remember a time when customer support carried a quota. Despite how many areas of your organisation interact with customers daily, the responsibility of up and cross selling them still falls squarely on your shoulders, and as unfair as it may seem, you actually are the best person for the job.

Fortunately SugarCRM recognises challenges associated with extending your reach within your existing customer base because we understand it costs less to nurture a client than it does to acquire one. Companies struggling to upsell within their existing customer base often lack the tools and insight necessary to focus their attention on those clients with the most potential. So today we will discuss how SugarCRM can help you:

  • Reduce customer churn risk by monitoring problems
  • Maximise existing relationships thru the use of nurture campaigns
  • Increase your understanding of customer usage habits to identify upsell opportunities “understand customer usage”

As an account manager I’m sure you spend a significant amount of time reaching out to existing clients with the intent to, hopefully, sell them more. But I also bet you can recall a time when you got a customer on the line only to have them chew your ear off for an hour about some unresolved issue they have with your Support staff or your product.

What should have been a pleasant 15 min exchange quickly turns into a 90 min diatribe to which you can only listen and apologise. One angry customer now affected the experience of 5 others who you weren’t able to reach that day. If this happens even once a day it can significantly impact your ability to meet your numbers. Now let’s look at how differently things play out after using sugar.

Just like before you’d start your day reviewing the list of customers you need to call. Only this time while reviewing one of your key accounts such as the one on your screen now, you see not only a profile of this customer, but via its sub panels.

You may review all their active cases. In this example we see that the customer still has an outstanding issue, and drilling into this information.

We see there should have been a follow up yesterday. Knowing this you choose to call the support rep before you call the customer, and when you do eventually reach out you do so from the driver’s seat. You first apologise for support, relay the resolution you obtained just moments before, and look like a hero. SugarCRM preserves your reputation as a trusted advisor and enriches the relationship between you and your customer.

The best relationships are built upon a foundation of trust and communication, but there’s not enough time in the day to reach out to every customer one by one to ensure they are up to speed on everything they should know, and honestly sometimes a more passive touch, such as email, is preferable. But that doesn’t mean you should blindly email about everything to everyone. The key to properly nurturing a relationship is to listen as much as you speak, right?So how do you do that via email? You listen by using what you know to tailor the information you send to suit your customer’s individual needs and interests.

Pretend for a moment you have a new tablet hitting the market next week, and you know that companies who bought smart phones recently are more likely to be interested than, say, someone who bought a case of beepers. You’d simply create a report in SugarCRM which selects your smart phone customers.

Highlight filter screen, then complete the report which you will then later use to send a newsletter campaign to just these specific recipients. Sugar allows you to quickly send out highly tailored messages to a variety of customers in minutes, and further tracks their interest in the emails for you.

Sugar allows you to maintain a conversation with several customers simultaneously, and ensures your customers remain well informed. Upon review of the campaign summary report you may easily prioritise your personal touches to those people who have demonstrated a keen interest in your product. But not all customers raise their hand so easily, and if you’re truly intent on growing your company’s footprint within your customer base you must actively identify and act on upsell opportunities. Knowing what a customer has purchased is the first step in identifying what else they may be inclined to buy or if their habits have changed. So let’s go back to that account we reviewed earlier.

I’d like to call your attention to the “total value” field, a field I easily configured for this example, imagine what unique fields you’d like to see here. This field pulls the total amount of all the closed deals for this customer, and allows you to understand this account’s current value. Perhaps, however we also know how much this account should be worth…. SugarCRM allows you to easily identify otherwise unnoticed potential.

Now that we know they’re more money to be had, let’s go find it. Customers of Sugar generally try to upsell one of two ways, sell their customers more things, or increase the usage of the things they rent. Let’s imagine once again that we sell mobile phones. To identify the opportunity to increase usage, sell more data for example, we must first know how much data an account uses today.

What you are viewing here is an example of what a specially configured panel that pulls data from your internal system may look like. Sugar’s openness allows you to push and pull data from your other business critical applications into the CRM. Think about how such a subpanel would allow you to quickly identify accounts currently over their subscription limits, a key indicator for an up sell opportunity.

But even among customers who are working well within their contractual terms, they may be opportunity for cross sell. While reviewing the history you noticed that this company frequently buys replacement phones before their term us up, and upon further review you find that this customer has purchased no insurance and no phone protective cases. As you can see Sugar helps you understand your customer and use that understanding to better achieve your goals.

Finally, you may be thinking, “Erin, I don’t want to have to go look all the time, can’t Sugar just notify me when I need to do something?” Absolutely!
In fact, many SugarCRM customers configure simple “workflows” that automatically task your account managers to call their account when opportunities for upsell are identified. Reps need only to react to the notifications conveniently displayed on their sales dashboard.

Personalised dashboards such as the one on your screen now provide that coveted high level overview of your account and pipeline health, and enable account and sales managers alike to remain on top of responsibilities. Sugar’s dashboards help customers like you achieve their goals every day. By creating visibility into your current customer’s buying habits, SugarCRM allows you to put your best foot forward. In fact, today we’ve seen how Sugar helps you:

  • Identify at risk accounts
  • Maintain frequent and relevant communication
  • Uncover opportunity for both up and cross sell.
  • Use this information to effectively grow your customers.

Ready for more? I invite you to start your free trial of SugarCRM today.

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