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What's New in SugarCRM 6.2?

Posted by Arun Mistry on Mon, May 9, 2011

Update: Check out Sugar 6.5, SugarCRM's latest version.

SugarCRM 6.2 new release is due in late May 2011. Watch the video below to learn more about Sugar 6.2:

Check out the additions and enhancements:

  • New connectors
  • Sugar Dashlet additions and enhancements
  • My Activity Stream enhancements
  • Administrator enhancements
  • Studio enhancements

New connectors

  • IBM LotusLive — Access IBM LotusLive meetings and documents within Sugar
  • Google Docs — Upload to and access documents in Google Docs within Sugar
  • Cisco WebEx meetings — Attend and manage online meetings with Cisco WebEx within Sugar
  • GoToMeeting meetings — Attend and manage online meetings with GoToMeetings within Sugar

Sugar Dashlet additions and enhancements

  • New dashlets – My Quotes and My Documents: Two new dashlets, My Quotes and My Documents, are available in the Add Sugar Dashlets section of your Sugar homepage.
  • Auto-refresh data in Sugar dashlets: Administrators can now specify system-wide auto-refresh interval of data in the dashlets for their users. Individual users can modify the auto-refresh interval per dashlet.

My Activity Stream enhancements

  • My Sugar Feed is now known as My Activity Stream. See the list below for additions and enhancements to My Activity Stream in Release 6.2 Beta:
  • Ability to filter by Only My Favorites — Users have the ability to filter by records they have identified as "My Favorites".
  • View user pictures within posts — User profile pictures display with user's posts in My Activity Stream (demo user data has pictures as well).
  • Ability to reply to and delete posts — Users can reply to posts that appear in My Activity Stream. Users also have the ability to delete posts in My Activity Stream.
  • Twitter and Facebook feeds — Users with Twitter and Facebook accounts can view their feeds within My Activity Stream.

Administrator enhancements

  • Delete Private Teams — Admin users can delete private teams associated with deleted users. Deleted private teams no longer appear in the User selection lists.
  • Enable/Disable modules for Global Search — Administrators can select the modules that users can search when using Global Search. This includes both standard and custom modules that have been deployed in Sugar.
  • Display/hide available languages — Administrators are able to manage languages that are available to users.
  • Set system default theme — System default theme can be set by the administrator.
  • Change other admin passwords — System Administrators can change each other’s passwords.

Studio enhancements

  • Copy/Sync Edit and Detail Views — Modifications made to the EditView layout can be copied to the DetailView. The DetailView can also be synced with the EditView so that any changes made to the EditView are automatically reflected in the DetailView.
  • Create custom Relate fields to relate to Users — The Users module can be selected for custom Relate fields that can be used to relate records to Users.
  • Search for records using date and number ranges — Admin users can manage settings for date/datetime and number fields in order to enable users to run searches on date and number ranges.
  • Calculated Fields — Formulas can be created to determine the values within fields.
  • Dependent Fields — Formulas can be created to determine whether a field is visible within the EditView and DetailView layouts.
  • Other/Miscellaneous enhancements

  • Create icon/link added to ListView of module pages to create new entries
  • Modules under the Campaigns and Activities tabs split into individual module tabs for easier access and navigation for the user
  • “Closed” records can be filtered out of ListViews by selecting the “Open Items” checkbox in the module searches
  • Campaigns subpanel added under Accounts to consolidate all campaign-related information associated with the account
  • “Assigned to” field added to Document records to specify an owner of the record
  • Date Created field added to default ListViews to indicate when a particular record was created and to enable sorting by the date in descending or ascending order
  • Capability added for admin to disable the Downloads tab for users
  • Capability added to map Account Addresses to both Primary and Other Address of related Contact
  • Rem link removed from the Opportunity subpanel under Accounts
  • Print link/icon moved to the bottom of each page
  • Back to Top link added to the bottom of each page
  • Right to Left (RTL) theme added to enhance the experience of Middle Eastern language users.

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