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10 Ways to Encourage Users to Use Their CRM System

Posted by Marion Tourrette on Wed, Oct 5, 2011

Here are some tips to improve CRM (customer relationship management) user adoption:

1. Make sure the system is as simple as possible. Customise menus to hide unused areas of the product from users.

2. Make sure your system has been set up with the terms your sales team uses. Modify the dropdown values so they reflect the same words used by your sales force, especially the “sales stages.”

3. Get an executive sponsor for your project, like your Sales Director. Make sure that Sales Managers spend time learning and using their CRM system. If the CEO is using the CRM to check the sales pipeline, then salespeople are more likely to keep opportunities up-to-date.

4. Have your executive sponsor send out an email announcing your CRM system and strongly encouraging people to use it.

5. Add or import as much lead, company and contact data into the system as you can find. Sales reps are going to see value when they see a full pipeline with plenty of clean data to work on. Make sure you have a process to add leads to the system and to route those leads to the right people.

6. CRM integrationsemail integration streamlines common tasks and promotes more effective communication with employees and customers. Integrate your CRM system with your ordering or billing systems so your sales reps don’t have to do “double-entry” to book orders.

7. Give users anytime, anywhere access to CRM: provide access to mobile CRM so your users can stay in touch while on the go.

8. Identify users who are enthusiastic about using the CRM, encourage them to help others and leverage their success to help inspire others.

9. Post a web page on your intranet where users can go to sign up for access, ask for help, find the manuals, and log onto the software. Set up an email alias, or a phone number, for providing help to users.

10. Make sure training sessions are built into your rollout plans. Include both initial training and follow-up refresher courses. Have a process for training new hires.

What are your tips for improving CRM users adoption? Share them below!

Source: SugarCRM Podcast Script: 10 Tips in 60 seconds - Driving CRM Usage

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