Why Choose SugarCRM

We've been using and providing SugarCRM solutions and services for over 7 years. We chose to work exclusively with SugarCRM because we believe it is the most innovative and cost-effective CRM solution that provides flexibility and adaptability to changing business needs, and ease of integration with other applications.

Loaded recommends SugarCRM for the following reasons:

1. Flexible hosting options at a competitive price point

SugarCRM's cloud-neutral strategy enables customers to run and move between SugarCRM deployments on a variety of cloud infrastructures.

Depending on your resources and business requirements, you can choose the hosting model that best suits your organisation: select a cloud option for quick implementation without capital investment, or choose to deploy on your own servers, behind your firewall, to address business compliance requirements.

You can choose from 5 hosting options:

  • Sugar On-Demand: a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud offer, hosted and managed by SugarCRM 
  • Public Cloud: SugarCRM can be hosted on a wide choice of commercial clouds: Amazon EC2, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, or Rackspace. Loaded is an Amazon Web Services Partner.  
  • Partner Cloud: hosted and managed by a Sugar partner on their cloud 
  • Sugar Private Cloud, Powered by IBM: A premium Sugar On- Demand service, managed by Sugar and hosted on IBM 
  • SmartCloud Enterprise, IBM’s enterprise-grade cloud offering 
  • Sugar On-Site: customers host and manage Sugar on their own network and servers behind their own firewall.

With other CRMs like Salesforce, you can only deploy in their own Salesforce cloud, there is no on-site or public cloud. 

Why does it matter to have complete flexibility in how organisations deploy their systems?

This gives organisations a level of control they can’t achieve in a proprietary SaaS-only model where data is locked up in one vendor’s data silo. This allows customers to more easily comply with international data security and privacy laws, and lowers the costs of integration.

2. All core CRM functionality included out-of-the-box, at no extra cost

SugarCRM is a complete all-in-one CRM software that provides all sales, marketing and support tools 'out of the box', at no extra cost, unlike other CRMs like Salesforce that provides separate tools and pricing for sales, marketing and customer service functionality, meaning you have to pay multiple products to fulfill core CRM needs. 

The licensing model is highly inclusive, meaning that access to functionality, storage and usage is either not constrained, or far less constrained than major competitor products such as Salesforce.com. Furthermore, due to the openness and flexibility of the software, the cost of ensuring the CRM fits to your organisation’s needs is compelling.


3. No hidden fees

SugarCRM provides a clear, easy-to-understand pricing model - with no hidden fees, no forced upgrades to more expensive editions and no additional costs for the latest CRM functionality.

With other CRMs, you may have to pay extra to get access to mobile CRM functionality, integrate your CRM with third-party applications, or use workflows.

Smaller businesses can avoid paying extra for features they don’t need, while larger enterprises get a robust CRM solution at an affordable price that allows them to put SugarCRM in the hands of every customer-facing employee.


4. Recognized by leading market analysts as a “visionary” company

SugarCRM has continued its momentum and was named a “Visionary” in the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Salesforce Automation. SugarCRM has also been recognized as a Leader in the CRM suite market by Forrester Research. 

SugarCRM awards


5. Highly flexible and adaptable CRM platform

SugarCRM is flexible, with its configuration potential and open source code enabling a wide range of solutions, at relatively low cost. Sugar is written in PHP and is open source, meaning a large global developer community can work with the application.

As businesses grow, SugarCRM can easily be modified, extended and integrated with other business applications and data sources with any editions, to meet changing needs quickly and effectively.

With other CRM solutions like Saleforce, you'll need to get the Enterprise Edition, at $180 per user per month in order to integrate with other business apps. 


6. Dedicated customer database

SugarCRM uses a dedicated database for each customer, unlike typical “multitenant” CRM solutions that keep customer data in a shared database. This makes it easy for SugarCRM customers to access their own data for backups, archiving, or to move their SugarCRM instance easily among a variety of cloud options.


7. Value for money

SugarCRM offers compelling value. The licensing model is highly inclusive, meaning that access to functionality, storage and usage is either not constrained, or far less constrained than major competitor products such as Salesforce.com. In addition, SugarCRM's annual licence fees are up to 50% cheaper than some alternate CRMs.


8. One of the top 3 CRMs used worldwide

SugarCRM is the 3rd largest global CRM provider by seats (source: Forrester), with over 1.5 million user globally, and over 13,000 users in Australia and New Zealand. 


9. Global organisations have chosen SugarCRM

SugarCRM has been adopted by some of the largest firms, including IBM, which has chosen Sugar as the go-to option for its enterprise clients and replaced 67 000 Oracle seats with Sugar in 2013. IBM selected SugarCRM for 3 main reasons: its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, its flexible hosting options, and its openness and extensibility.


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Why Choose SugarCRM