Jaspersoft for SugarCRM Products

Jaspersoft for SugarCRM is a specially packaged set of Jaspersoft solutions for SugarCRM users.

The solutions include reporting, analysis, ETL, all for use exclusively with SugarCRM solutions.

Jaspersoft BI Professional Edition for SugarCRM

All of the JasperReports Server Professional features as well as advanced capabilities like Ad Hoc Query, In-Memory Analysis and Dashboarding. This Edition also comes with the assurance of professional quality technical support and commercial licensing protection.


Jaspersoft OLAP for SugarCRM

Perform advanced analytic queries against large sets of data with an interactive web based user interface.


Jaspersoft ETL for SugarCRM

Graphical design environment used to connect and integrate operational data sources into centralized data marts and data warehouses.


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