End-to-end CRM advisory and implementation services

Loaded works with client across the full spectrum of CRM services, from early stage CRM strategy definition, to ongoing implementation, support and hosting.

Wherever you are in your customer relationship management journey, we shape a suite of services tailored specifically to you. Our goal is to help you build stronger, more valuable customer relationships, and to make your organisation more efficient.

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Our CRM services cover the complete CRM journey

  • Strategy is only useful if it’s actionable. A truism, perhaps, but one that explains what’s at the heart of our approach to being your CRM strategy consulting partner.

    We believe it’s critical that your CRM strategy is clear, before you procure CRM software and build your CRM system. We work with you to find answers to questions about your customers and your business. These become the building blocks for your CRM strategy, and your business case for investing. We understand what makes CRM strategies succeed or fail in the real world, so our answers are practical, actionable and specific to your business.

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  • Our CRM business analysts and consultants can work with your organisation to define the CRM requirements that will enable your CRM strategy to be delivered. With their broad backgrounds in CRM – covering all the leading CRM vendors – they can ensure these requirements are vendor agnostic (read about our team here). They can also help you define the right vendor and implementation partner shortlist, and manage the vendor selection process.

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  • Loaded’s CRM solution design service prepares a CRM strategy and CRM system for action. Informed by clear business objectives, scope and requirements, the CRM solution design explains how specific business outcomes will be achieved and requirements met.

    For end-to-end projects, solution design follows on from an upfront consulting phase, and covers not just the CRM technical solution, but also the training, change management and other elements that collectively ensure the success of the CRM strategy.

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  • Once your CRM strategy is clear, and the high level solution design is complete, we’re ready for implementation.

    Loaded shapes the implementation plan and approach to each client’s needs. Increasingly our recommended approach is based on an agile methodology, as it recognises that each solution will evolve over time, and promotes collaboration, transparency and a high level of client engagement and focus… key ingredients in ensuring user adoption and CRM return on investment over time.

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  • Change isn’t always welcome. Even the best CRM solution will be useless if your people don’t get behind it! In fact, poor user adoption is one of the most common reasons why technology projects fail.

    Hence Loaded’s focus on change management as an important component of CRM project delivery. We help you understand and diagnose your most important change challenges, then we design change management plans so that your CRM project is a success.

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  • CRM training is critical to ensuring you gain value from your CRM investment. Loaded offers a range of training solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of your people and your organisation.

    Our SugarCRM Certified consultants deliver SugarCRM Administrator and User training, and we devise extensive SugarCRM Developer training and transition planning where required.

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  • Once your CRM system is in place, you’ll need a partner you can trust to prevent, predict and react promptly to issues, as well as help with maintenance and enhancements.

    Support forms an important part of our relationship with you, and our responsive Support team ‘sweats the small stuff’ so that you can get on with business.

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  • SugarCRM offers flexibility when it comes to hosting your CRM – you can host on the Sugar Cloud; a private cloud; or on premise.

    Loaded provides SugarCRM cloud hosting services to those clients seeking the convenience and efficiency of a cloud hosting solution, with the security of knowing your application and its data are hosted in Australia.

    Loaded is an Amazon Web Services partner and provides cloud hosting services for its clients using the Australian availability zones of AWS to do so. We offer both shared (multi-tenant) and dedicated hosting options, and a range of solutions for security depending on your needs.

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