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CRM Implementation & development

While SugarCRM offers powerful functionality out-of-the-box, our job as a SugarCRM implementation partner is to tailor the CRM to fully address all your business needs. We understand CRM best practices and utilise rigorous project management techniques to ensure your CRM investment delivers the business outcomes you are seeking.

Where necessary, we customise the CRM solution using Sugar’s flexible framework that ensures your application is always upgrade safe. We have proven CRM implementation tools and methodologies to ensure projects run smoothly, drive user engagement and adoption, and deliver on business objectives.

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For any CRM implementation to succeed, it’s critical that your CRM strategy is clear. You need to have agreement on what business objectives a CRM solution will help realise, and what the priorities are.
Where appropriate, Loaded works with clients to ensure this CRM strategy is clear, before proceeding to scope any implementation project. Frameworks we use include customer journey mapping, which puts the customer firmly at the centre of the CRM solution design.

Our approach is tailored to your needs and to where you are on your CRM journey.

Often business requirements can ‘easily’ be solved through technical complexity – custom code, complex workflows, etc.  However, often such solutions are far more expensive to maintain over time (requiring technical skills to change, for example), and/or they prevent future enhancements being achievable (at all, or at a reasonable cost).  

Our goal with every SugarCRM implementation is to aim for simplicity in solution design. This is the case with straightforward CRM implementations and those involving greater complexity.

Research shows that, when large software projects are implemented in one step, estimation errors and overspending are too often the case.  This is simply because we cannot know everything upfront.

We typically propose that large projects are broken down into a series of small phases (or agile sprints), so as to make each phase of work manageable, containing risk, as well as allowing you to enjoy early and regular business impact as phases of work are implemented over time.

We work with you to determine the most appropriate project methodology. While we are advocates of agile project methodology, there are times that we simply don’t see it as a good fit.  Our goal is to work with the  method that gives you the greatest chance of implementation success.

Quality is an outcome of the right design and delivery processes.  So no matter what project methodology you adopt (agile, waterfall), we have standard toolkits – processes, tools and systems – that underpin our project delivery.

Our SugarCRM implementation toolkits are the outcome of our Consulting and Development teams' collective CRM experience with hundreds of CRM implementations around the world, on SugarCRM and other platforms.

Different organisations manage change in different ways. But one thing is common amongst those enjoying the benefits of successful CRM initiatives – a change management mindset.

We put change on the agenda from the beginning of any CRM implementation project. Change levers we utilise are project dependent and can include:

  • Clear senior sponsorship of CRM project
  • Early business user involvement in project scoping and throughout implementation
  • Use of pilots to prove concepts and impact
  • Agile techniques such as showcasing to demonstrate product to end users as it evolves
  • Comprehensive training programs for users, trainers, administrators
  • Dedicated transition phase post-delivery

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Loaded is a quality-oriented, deeply experienced SugarCRM implementation partner. We have the team, and the track record with clients, to give you confidence to move forward on your CRM journey.

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