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Achieving a single view of customer is imperative for any customer engagement strategy to succeed.  It makes life simpler for your staff, and enables customer insights.  It’s also the key to unlocking many productivity improvements and efficiencies that come with automation. Integration enables this single view and it’s easy to achieve with SugarCRM.

Integrating SugarCRM with other systems in your IT landscape is a key part of many Loaded CRM implementation projects.

Our team includes functional consultants and technical experts who deeply understand Sugar’s integration capabilities and those of other systems.

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Every integration should empower users and maximise workflow efficiencies. Your organisation’s pain points and opportunities will help prioritise what you integrate, first.

While there are many automation platforms in the market they may make sense to implement, such as marketing automation tools, sometimes they are not the right place to start. For example, some organisations have found greater value from connecting their CRM application to those that simply extend and enhance a core CRM process - such as field service or contract management tools. It all comes down to your business objectives.

CRM integration is worthless if users don’t trust the data they see. We recommend developing a master data strategy to maximise data quality. Data governance is a key consideration to secure the quality of data in the long term. There needs to be a focus, upfront in the project, on uncovering potential issues around how you manage customer information related to security, privacy or compliance.

Successful CRM integration projects use the right design and delivery processes.  As a SugarCRM implementation partner, we pride ourselves on our standard delivery toolkit – processes, tools and systems – that underpins our project delivery. We implement rigorous testing of all integrations to ensure the integrated solution is robust and error free.

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Loaded is a quality-oriented, deeply experienced SugarCRM implementation partner. We have the team, and the track record with clients, to give you confidence to move forward on your journey with our CRM integration services.

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