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Our approach

We focus on ensuring our work delivers impact and value, early. We organise our work so that the CRM is understood, and adopted, by business users. We are rigorous in our project and delivery methodologies. And we know it’s critical that the CRM is robust and scalable, so it can evolve, upgrade and extend cost effectively over time.

Already with Sugar?

If you’re already using Sugar but need help in getting more value out of your CRM strategy, talk to us about a SugarCRM Audit. We can quickly review how you’re using the system, and where the issues and gaps are that are preventing your organisation from getting the value you expected from a CRM. We understand CRM best practice and have a track record of helping organisations get back on track with their CRM journey.


It’s so important to have a clear strategy to shape your CRM implementation, otherwise you may find that the CRM does not deliver the business benefits you are seeking.

When that strategic direction needs refining, Loaded works with clients to ensure the CRM strategy is clear. Once that is done, the implementation project can commence.

CRM projects often aim to deliver efficiencies but end up not doing so because complexity is baked into the solution. Our goal with every SugarCRM implementation is to help you simplify your business by striving for simplicity in solution design. The benefits?  Process efficiencies; a more usable CRM; more robust data to drive reporting and insights; and a CRM that is more likely to upgrade easily.

For all our projects, we aim to deliver value as early as possible, by prioritising the scope and breaking the implementation down into phases. This makes each phase of work manageable, contains risk and allows you to enjoy business impact as phases of work are implemented regularly over time.

How we do this depends on your organisation’s capacity to adopt different project methodologies. We favour agile, for many reasons, but when we don’t see agile as a good fit, we’ll let you know and adapt accordingly.

Quality is critical to secure a successful implementation and is directly the outcome of the right design and delivery processes. No matter what project methodology you adopt (agile, waterfall), we have standard toolkits – processes, tools and systems – that underpin our project delivery. We’ve developed these SugarCRM implementation toolkits through years of experience on SugarCRM and other platforms.

Managing change proactively is a key success factor of any systems implementation project, and CRM implementations are no exception. At Loaded we put change on the agenda from the beginning of any engagement. We partner with the change advocates and leads in our clients’ organisations, and ensure we play our part in helping drive successful user engagement and CRM adoption.

Why choose us?

Loaded is a quality-oriented, deeply experienced SugarCRM implementation partner. We have the team, and the track record with clients, to give you confidence to move forward on your CRM journey.

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