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SugarCRM audit

Sometimes things just don’t work out. 

When existing SugarCRM customers move to Loaded, it’s usually because they aren’t realising their targeted CRM outcomes.  When this happens, our first step is to conduct a CRM audit.  It helps us identify, quickly and efficiently, what the root cause of their CRM issues are, and how we can help them get back on track.  It also ensures we understand the CRM solution sufficiently to be able to provide ongoing support while the problems are being resolved.

If you’re considering a change of SugarCRM partner, you will also want to understand our Hosting and Support services.  

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What’s involved in a CRM audit?

We work through how you are using the CRM today, and where your pain points are. What’s working well and what isn’t? Are the issues to do with data, processes or user experience? Can some issues be resolved through training, or are fixes to the CRM application itself required?

We also look at the functional design of the CRM – how your targeted processes were implemented when the system was configured. Are there design flaws at the root cause of current issues?

We identify all SugarCRM customisations, and review the custom code to see if code quality is causing problems, such as performance.

We review all integrations to see if there are integration flaws undermining data quality or causing process breakdowns.

We review the version of SugarCRM you are using, to see if an upgrade could resolve some issues. And we look at the hosting environment and set up, to ensure it is optimised for SugarCRM performance and reliability.

Armed with the functional and technical CRM audit outcomes, and an understanding of business priorities, we prepare a CRM roadmap. This roadmap is focused on resolving current pain points, as efficiently as possible, so you can get on with business.

Inevitably, ideas for future improvements and enhancements to the CRM solution will arise during our discussions. We’ll note these, based on your priorities, for future consideration.

Why choose us?

Loaded is a quality-oriented, deeply experienced SugarCRM implementation partner. We have the team, and the track record with clients, to give you confidence to move forward on your CRM journey. Get in touch today and see how we can help you with our CRM audit services.

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