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Sugar Market

Sugar Market gives you the power to revolutionise the way you attract, nurture, qualify and convert leads, boosting the success of your business and overall customer satisfaction.

Sugar Market is a powerful, all-in-one marketing automation application, optimising how you reach your audience and measure your success. Streamlining your campaigns from start to finish, Sugar Market comprises a powerful toolkit which engages and nurtures your prospects and customers with exactly what they need, when they need it. 

Assisting you in every phase of the customer journey, Sugar Market offers beautiful, customisable and best-practice landing page, email and web form templates. Sugar Market gives you the tools to automate your marketing activities, and lets you deep dive into the data with its superior mobile-responsive reporting – meaning you can refine your campaigns and deliver the results you want.


Inbound Marketing is the perfect way to find and attract new leads to your business or organisation. Sugar Market web analytics tools mean you can track a journey from initial, anonymous web activity to converted customer, across all channels.  Social media extension, Oktopost, gives you the functionality you need to manage your social campaigns from inside Sugar Market.

Sugar Market delivers you presentation ready dashboards which are completely mobile responsive so they can be viewed anytime, anywhere. With reports being generated from any data set, you don’t need to be a data analyst to refine and boost your marketing campaigns.

Once you’ve captured a lead, Sugar Market gives you the toolkit to nurture the lead until it’s ready to hand across to Sales.  Email, nurture and drip campaign functionality, supported by A/B testing and lead scoring, putting you in the driving seat.

Sugar Market allows you to align your sales and marketing teams, delivering only the most qualified leads to your sales teams. With Sugar Market you can find out what’s working and what isn’t, meaning you can streamline your campaigns, understand what clients are engaging with and boost conversions.

Nurturing leads is all about delivering the right message to your prospects at the right time. Successful lead nurturing means a more personalised experience for your future customer and ensures your brand is at the forefront of their mind.

Sugar Market’s powerful nurture campaign and lead scoring capabilities means not only the delivery of more qualified leads, but increased customer retention. Following customers through every stage of the buying cycle, past purchase and into aftercare and support, Sugar Market can deliver you life long customers.

With the ability to build and deploy beautiful, powerful landing pages you have the capacity to create conversion-focused, automated campaigns and turn visitors into customers.

Designed to follow industry best-practice, Sugar Market’s intuitive drag and drop landing page and email creation tools mean you can easily build the campaign assets you need. Paired with Sugar Market’s form builder and CRM mapping functionality, you can collect and sync all the information you need to your CRM, funnel leads, enrol leads in campaigns and generate reports to make the most of your data.

Easy Onboarding

In order to best utilise all your marketing automation software has to offer, your team needs to be educated in the system thoroughly and efficiently. Loaded and Sugar Market’s onboarding is second-to-none, so your staff can get up to speed quickly, and be able to make the most of all Sugar Market has to offer. Loaded ensures your onboarding goes smoothly, and works closely with Sugar Market’s in-house customer support team to ensure your immediate and long-term goals are met.

A Customer Service Focus

When dealing with a powerful marketing automation solution, it is important to have support at hand so you can make the most of its capabilities. From template design to identifying optimization and efficiency opportunities, the right support can make all the difference. Sugar Market offers a Marketing Concierge Program, encompassing a team of experts who can assist in optimising your marketing efforts.

A Strong Toolset

In order to boost success within your business, your marketing automation software needs to include powerful tools for each step of the sales process. From attracting new web visitors, building conversion-focused landing pages and emails to capturing leads, building nurture campaigns and tracking customers into the support phase of their journey. Sugar Market is the only enterprise-grade marketing automation platform built for mid-sized marketing teams, offering both reliable and scalable infrastructure.

Value For Money

Sugar is the most innovative and affordable solution on the market. Focusing on delivering a curated toolkit of only the most useful plugins and features, Sugar’s pricing policies are fully transparent, meaning no unanticipated fees. Fully scalable, Sugar delivers innovation to any size business across a range of industries.

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Why SugarCRM

SugarCRM’s intelligent, no-touch customer experience platform offers an industry-leading user experience, a simple interface and an intuitive customisation platform. Sugar can help to not only streamline your business across marketing, sales and service, but deliver in-depth trends and predictions about your customers. Once you know your customers’ needs intimately, you have the power to deliver genuine customer satisfaction and increase your return on investment.