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Sugar’s customer relationship management solution for sales teams is the number one platform for satisfaction, reliability and tech support in PCMag’s Business Choice Awards.

Driven by customer data, Sugar Sell unlocks a more efficient sales process, and provides simple, streamlined reporting and unmatched customer experiences. The most innovative and affordable solution on the market, Sugar Sell gives you the power to automate complex business processes, track and monitor the customer journey in real time and work more collaboratively than ever before.


Sugar Sell lets you manage a lead funnel using different statuses to understand how you are progressing.  Capture lead sources so you can measure cost of acquisition down the track. Take advantage of Sugar Sell’s out of the box lead conversion functionality and, when successfully qualified, automatically create opportunities to focus your sales effort.

Completely optimise your customer journey and sales pipeline by giving your team the tools to track every customer interaction and react according to best practices.

Automate business processes at pivotal moments in the sales pipeline, such as task creation and approvals. Sugar Sell gives you the ability to track interactions as you work opportunities, anticipate your customers’ needs and react accordingly. With the right customer insights, you can accelerate the decision process and deliver the most satisfying outcome possible for your customers.  Reports and dashboards keep sales people and managers on top of progress.

Sugar Sell allows you to have your product catalogue on hand within its user-friendly interface, making quickly quoting clients a seamless process.

With your customer’s details in front of you, you can easily create custom quotes, tailored to your customer. Manage quotes at a revenue line item level if required and configure approval processes into Sugar Sell to ensure discounts and pricing aligns with company policy. 

Sugar Sell’s sales forecasting tool means, as a sales manager, you can gain detailed insights into how your team is tracking and make decisions based on data.


With users able to monitor in real time how they are tracking during the sales period, sales processes can be adapted and adjusted when team members begin to fall behind target. Sales forecasting also allows you to understand individual customers’ buying cycles and tailor your approach to them

Sugar Sell’s reporting tools give you real time insights into customer data, meaning you can easily monitor your key sales metrics – and click to drill down into detail where required. 

Sugar Sell’s reporting and dashboard tools allow you to create custom charts, consolidate data across teams to give a singular view to management and monitor your team’s performance. Sugar also allows you to personalise your Sugar homepage so you can see the information most relevant to you, at a glance.

Sales Automation

Ensuring your team is working according to best practices means increased conversions, satisfied customers and higher productivity. 

SugarBPM allows you to automate workflows. With a simple interface you can quickly design and deploy business processes to support complex decision cycles. SugarBPM’s powerful rule builder allows you to route your customer’s journey through a specific path, ensuring your customer is getting exactly what they need, when they need it. And for sales teams, it means important check points, escalations and tasks can be automatically created, so nothing gets missed.

Customer Journey Plugin

Putting your clients at the centre of your business is the key to customer satisfaction. Sugar’s Customer Journey solution lets you choreograph and track every step of the sales process. This ensures all members of your team are working according to best practices and know exactly what to do at every point in the customer journey.  It provides a visual representation of where you are in the customer journey, which tasks are completed, and which ones are coming up.

Management Insights

Sugar Sell’s out of the box and custom reporting is available anywhere, anytime across all browsers and devices. Combining data from across clients and teams, these powerful reporting tools give you real-time insights into how your sales team is tracking. Having solid insights into your customers’ journeys allows you to quickly and easily identify and correct problems and make better business decisions. With a real-time view of leads, opportunities and accounts you can truly understand your customer base and how it changes over time.

Relationship Intelligence

Sugar Hint is Sugar’s relationship intelligence tool, which takes the stress out of manual research and data entry, so you know who to contact and when. 

Sugar Hint gathers all the data you need to have a comprehensive view of your lead or customer. With the data you need to build meaningful customer connections at your disposal, you can focus on drive faster conversions instead of doing desk research.

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Why SugarCRM?

SugarCRM’s intelligent, no-touch customer experience platform offers an industry-leading user experience, a simple interface and an intuitive customisation platform. Sugar and Loaded can help to not only streamline your business across marketing, sales and service, but deliver in-depth trends and predictions about your customers. Once you know your customers’ needs intimately, you have the power to deliver genuine customer satisfaction and increase your return on investment.