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Sugar Serve

Sugar Serve delivers everything your business needs to create outstanding customer experiences. 

Customer Service Software

Sugar Serve gives you the power to manage your customers’ entire lifecycle in a single platform. Marrying multi-channel response management, powerful business process management, and self-service frameworks, Sugar Serve allows your customer service agents to be highly intuitive, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.


Sugar Serve’s self-service console ensures an outstanding customer experience every time. With all your customers’ data at their fingertips, your customer support agents can prioritise the most pressing issues and solve them with ease. Featuring a sleek, streamlined interface, Sugar Serve’s intuitive console allows for the best possible case management with deep insights into overall case status, workloads and other important metrics

Powered by SugarBPM, you can automate the routing of inbound cases; with out of the box business rules you can set up time-based reassignment and escalations of cases. Dealing with customer issues according to best practices will mean outstanding customer experiences and help to build lifelong customer relationships.

Sugar Serve’s self-service portal lets customers help themselves. With customers finding their own solutions, fast, you save both time and money. A powerful self-service portal allows for a reduction in time spent by agents on case management and increases overall customer satisfaction. Sugar Serve also allows for customisation of your portal, making it unique to your business.

Pre-packaged reports and dashboards make it simple for managers to access the metrics that matter. With real-time reports, you can understand problem areas in both product and service before they become serious issues. Sugar Serve’s reports dashboard allows you to pull data from various locations to create a single view of your customers. Featuring a sleek interface, Sugar Serve is user friendly, providing an enjoyable experience for your customer service agents.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

By directing support calls to Sugar Serve’s self-service portal, your customers are able to help themselves, solving common problems on the spot. Customer satisfaction is increased when they can come to a resolution quickly, without having to pick up the phone. And when tending to customer issues on support calls, Sugar Serve’s dashboards empower your customer service agents to provide quality service. With in-depth customer histories, all the information you need about each customer is at your fingertips, making it easy to create outstanding customer experiences.

Provide Consistent Customer Experiences

With automated case routing, you are able to create a customer journey which guarantees satisfaction, by enforcing best practices and leveraging complete customer histories, ensuring the best experience possible. Sugar Serve’s powerful business process management toolkit housed in the Sugar Service Cloud, allows you to automate and optimize common processes across customer support operations such as the reassignment and escalation of cases. 

Lower Costs

SugarServe gives you access to industry leading technology and a next generation platform to build a unique service experience for your customers at a fraction of the costs of other leading providers. Sugar Serve’s automation of customer support processes, as well as its ability to deliver everything an agent needs to manage a support case at their fingertips, saves time, increases efficiency and lowers costs.

Avoid Costs

Understanding what issues may arise in both product and service experiences is critical to saving time and money. With real-time reporting demonstrating trends towards problem areas, you can attend to issues quickly and ensure they don’t occur in future cases. Intervening at a critical moment, can build life-long customer relationships, increasing your potential future revenue.

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Why SugarCRM?

SugarCRM’s intelligent, no-touch customer experience platform offers an industry-leading user experience, a simple interface and an intuitive customisation platform. Sugar and Loaded can help to not only streamline your business across marketing, sales and service, but deliver in-depth trends and predictions about your customers. Once you know your customers’ needs intimately, you have the power to deliver genuine customer satisfaction and increase your return on investment.