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We build ‘training’ into many aspects of how we engage with clients, and we offer a range of SugarCRM training options.  In addition, we seek other ways to train people through the way we interact and work – such as the way we structure our projects.  The net outcome we’re seeking – engaged, informed CRM users who understand how the CRM system can help them do their best job.

McKinsey reports that less than 40% of companies say they are even moderately effective at using digital sales tools and capabilities. That speaks not just to the technology, but to the culture as well, as it may signal a lack of commitment to provide the training and support needed to master these tools. 

The right training plan, in the context of an overall change management approach, can make a positive difference to staff capability and CRM return on investment.


Loaded’s SugarCRM training for end users is typically run in groups of 6-8 people. It focuses on how end users get their jobs done with SugarCRM, and how the CRM solution works with other systems. This training is tailored to the specific client’s CRM solution and associated business processes.

In addition, SugarCRM customers can access Sugar University, which offers online CRM courses (training videos, documentation and certifications). Here you will find a wide range of resources on Sugar’s generic functionality, from an end user perspective.

Successful CRM strategies usually have a CRM administrator behind the scenes, acting as the ‘owner’ of the CRM product, ensuring data integrity is maintained, helping colleagues get best value out of the system, and identifying opportunities for improvements and enhancements.

Loaded’s SugarCRM administrator training ensures your CRM administrator has the essential skills to perform their role. Through this training, they will be able to add and maintain users, add fields, change layouts, build reports, and more.

Supplementing this training is SugarCRM’s Administrator training and certification, available via Sugar University. Loaded’s Consultants are all SugarCRM Administrator certified.

CRM project implementations start and finish, but employees come and go over time. So it’s important you are set up internally to deliver ongoing CRM training.

Our “train the trainer” sessions equip your people to deliver effective CRM user training, and we provide user guides and resources to assist them.

One of the great benefits of agile projects is the extent to which they involve end users in the project delivery. The project, therefore, becomes a proxy CRM training course! Because agile projects deliver the end solution iteratively, this ‘training’ happens gradually, and the end users are involved in the design and implementation of the solution. As such, they deeply understand the CRM solution and have a sense of ownership in it being best set up to support their business needs.

We find that one of the best ways to secure user adoption of your new CRM is to have a coach working alongside CRM users, at least for a period of time. 

Sometimes, organisations invest in a CRM admistrator or CRM expert to perform this role.  Where that isn't the case (or where your CRM administrator needs upskilling), Loaded can provide onsite coaching. This involves spending time with individuals and teams, to ensure they understand all the features of the CRM that can assist them in their roles, as well as the specific processes relevant to your organisation.

At the end of any CRM project, we work with clients to devise the best transition plan. This typically covers the following scope:

  • Up-skilling of a CRM administrator, to act as the ongoing CRM product owner and guardian. A key part of their role is to triage support and enhancement requests, prior to enlisting the help of an internal help desk, or Loaded’s support team.
  • Level 1 support transition. This is for the transition of basic CRM help, such as helping users perform CRM tasks, adding new users, updating user details, building a report, or adding a new field. Our CRM administrator and user training form part of this transition, as does one-on-one coaching of your Level 1 support team members by our experienced support person.
  • Level 2 support transition. This is for the transition of more complex administrator duties, such as building and changing workflows, changing relationships in the database, etc. We utilise one-on-one coaching by our support team as well as the project consultant for this part of the transition.
  • Establishing a Loaded support contract, for ongoing Level 3 support. This level of support is for tasks that require a developer or system administrator to resolve. Read more about Loaded’s support service.

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Loaded is a quality-oriented, deeply experienced SugarCRM implementation partner. We have the team, and the track record with clients, to give you confidence to move forward on your journey with our CRM training services.

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